Inspection Instructions Of Sae Flange

This instruction is made by Younglee Metal Products Co.,Ltd, complied and implemented by quality department of its SAE Flange factory.


This instruction is intended to strengthen the quality management of flanges, making the quality inspection be processize, standardization, and improve the quality control level. Flanges should meet our factory inspection and testing standards, in addition to the implementation of the contract technical requirements. If there is a conflict between the requirements of the contract and this requirement, it shall perform the higher standard as required.

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SAE flanges /hydraulic SAE flanges-hot products

SAE flanges | Code 61 flange /code 62 flanges SAE flanges / hydraulic SAE flanges are the main product of Younglee group’s factory also.  The products are made according to SAE J 518 C and ISO 6162-1/2, and they are for safe and leak-free flange connections. And now we are one of the first class quality SAE flanges manufacturer in China. Our … Read more

SAE socket weld flanges

SAE Socket Weld Flanges and Counterflanges

SAE Socket Weld Flanges are one of the main types of SAE wled flanges, which are designed and manufactured according to standard ISO 6162-1/ ISO 6162-2. Products are conform to standard SAE J518 as well.

SAE Socket weld flanges

Main styles:


  • ISO 6162-1: for 3000 psi standard pressure series (light duty), known as code 61 flanges as well
  • ISO 6162-2: for 6000 psi high pressure series (heavy duty), known as code 62 flanges as well

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SAE Screw-in Flanges | SAE threaded flanges

SAE screw-in flanges (SAE threaded flanges) are the main products of Younglee’s SAE flange products group. This product is designed according to ISO 6162-1/-2, and conform to SAE J518C, and comes in two main varieties according to the different thread types:


Size Range:

  • 3000 psi standard pressure series: 1/2″ (DN13) to 5″(DN127)
  • 6000 psi high pressure series: 1/2″ (DN13) to 2″(50.8mm)

Materials available:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel: AISI 304, 316, 316L, 316Ti or corresponding EN/DIN steel grades 1.4301, 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4571, other steel grades on request.

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SAE BSPP threaded flanges

SAE BSPP threaded flanges are the SAE threaded flanges with BSPP type thread. As a sub variety, this product followed all the descriptions of SAE threaded flanges. To find information of materials, working pressure, surface treatments and size range, please refer to SAE threaded flanges.


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SAE NPT threaded flanges

SAE NPT threaded flanges are the SAE threaded flanges with NPT type thread. As a sub variety, this product followed all the descriptions of SAE threaded flanges, including materials, working pressure, surface treatment and size range, and so on. Except the difference of thread type, the other specifications and technical parameters of SAE NPT thread … Read more

SAE Butt Weld Flanges

SAE Butt Weld Flange ( or SAE Butt Weld On Flange) is one of the main types of SAE weld flanges, which is widely used in hydraulic systems in various industries.

Younglee’s pipe clamp factory is one of the first class quality China manufacture of SAE Flanges which including SAE weld flanges.

SAE Butt weld flanges, code 61 flanges, code 62 flanges

Main series:

SAE butt weld flanges are divided into two series according to designed standard and working pressure as below, which are used for different pressure rating hydraulic tubing connectors.

  • 3000 PSI standard pressure series according to ISO 6162-1, also known as code 61 flanges
  • 6000 PSI high pressure series according to ISO 6162-2, also known as code 62 butt weld flanges

Both of the above series are conform to standard SAE J518C also.

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SAE Closed Flanges

SAE closed flanges are known as SAE blind flanges, there is no hole in the middle of the flange. SAE closed flanges are used to close and seal the pipe end.

SAE Closed Flanges

Main series:

  • 3000 psi standard pressure series according to ISO 6162-1
  • 6000 psi high pressure series according to ISO 6162-2

Both the above series of SAE closed flanges are conformed to SAE J518C.

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SAE Weld Flanges

SAE Weld Flanges usually are divided into two types, one is SAE Butt weld flanges, and the other is SAE socket weld flanges.

Younglee is one of the high quality China SAE flange manufacture now. Besides various kinds of pipe clamps, Younglee also produce a wide range of SAE flanges which including SAE weld flanges.

SAE Butt weld flanges, SAE socket weld flanges


  • 3000 PSI Standard Pressure Series SAE weld flanges are designed to ISO 6162 part 1
  • 6000 PSI High Pressure Series SAE weld flanges are designed to ISO 6162 part 2
  • Products also conform to SAE J 518 C

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SAE Split Flanges

SAE split flanges to ISO 6162-1/2

Split SAE flanges are one of the common products of SAE flanges. Younglee manufactures and supplies best China sae split flanges in a wide range of sizes in carbon steels and stainless steels.

SAE split flange halves, split flange halves

Product standard:

Usually two halves (a pair) of SAE split flange halves make up A split flange. There are two main series of SAE split flange halves, which are standard pressure series (3000psi), this series is also known as code 61 SAE split flange, it is also called light duty split sae flange in some areas, It is designed and manufactured according to ISO 6162-1;

and the other series is high pressure series (6000psi) split flanges designed according to ISO 6162-2, this type is also known as code 62 SAE split flange, and it is called heavy duty split sae flange halves in some areas.

Our product of SAE split flanges also conform to SAE J 518 C.

Materials of SAE split flange:

As one of the main manufacturer and supplier of SAE flanges in China, our factory can produce and supplier sae split flange in full range of materials.

  • Carbon steel: C20, C45, CQ235 and so on.
  • Stainless steels: 304, 316, 316L, 316Ti, and corresponding EN/DIN steel grade 1.4031, 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4571.
  • Other materials such as duplex steels on requests

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