High Purity Tubing and Ultra high purity (UHP) stainless steel tubing

High Purity Tubing Brief Introduction

High purity tubing and ultra high purity (UHP) stainless steel tubing is the main product group of the electropolished (EP) stainless steel tubing of our high performance stainless steel tubing factory. As one of the leading high performance BA (bright annealed) & EP (Electropolishing) stainless steel tubing manufacturer, our factory produces and supplies high purity tubing as below.

■ Seamless cold finished tubes

■ Material: 316L stainless steel, equivalent EN DIN 1.4404;

■ Bright annealed, Mechanical Polished or Elector-polished; 

■ High Purity tubing and Ultra high-purity tubing

■ Tubes are suitable for orbital welding

■ Size Range: Metric size  OD 5 mm to O.D 50 mm; imperial size 1/4 inch to 2 inch

■ Tube Marking: Size (OD x WT), Material, Product Standard, and heat No.

■ Tubing Packing: Tube end capped with plastic caps, each tube packed in a separated bag.

High purity stainless steel tubing & Ultra-high purity tubing

Details of High purity tubing / UHP (Ultra-high purity) tubing

Here below is the detailed description of our factory’s stainless steel high purity and ultra high purity tubing.

As one of the leading China high purity tubing manufacturers & suppliers, our factory produces and supplies stainless steel high purity and ultra-high purity tubes with most popular international standards. Here below is the typical list of standards we follow.

Fractional Sizes TubingMetric and Imperial Sizes Tubes


ASTM A269 / A270
EN 10216-5

The most popular material for our stainless steel high purity and ultra high purity tubing is SS TP316L, equivalent EN DIN 1.4404. Here below is the chemical composition.

ElementChemical Composition
wt. %
Chromium16.5 - 18.0
Nickel10.0 - 13.0
Molybdenum2.00 - 3.00
Manganesemax. 2.00
Siliconmax. 0.75
Carbonmax. 0.035➀
Sulfur0.005 to 0.012 (seamless);
0.030 max (thermocouple-cleaned)
Phosphorus0.040 max.

Other stainless steel grades are available upon customer's request.

Younglee's stainless steel high purity tubing usually is supplied with bright annealed surface and mechanical polished surface, and our stainless steel Ultra-high purity  tubing (UHP tube) has an electropolished inside surface finishing of roughness max Ra 0.25µm ( 10 µin.) .

Surface TreatmentInner Surface RoughnessOuter Surface Roughness
Bright Annealed (BA)Ra 0.4μm (16Ra) to Ra 0.8μm (32Ra) upon request

Ra 0.8μm max
or upon request

Mechanically Polished (MP)Ra 0.4μm (16Ra) to Ra 0.8μm (32Ra)upon requestRa 0.8μm max
or upon request
ElectroPolished (EP)EP SS tubing with Ra 0.25μm (10Ra) Max.Ra 0.8μm max
or upon request

All the high purity & ultra high purity (UHP) tubes are with ends capped with PVC caps; every BA tube is packed individually in a single polyethylene bag, and EP stainless steel tubing (electropolished stainless steel tubing) is individually double bagged, then bulk bagged in a clean room, and then packed in wooden cases.

As a professional high purity tubing manufacturer & supplier, Younglee manufactures and supplies both imperial size and metric size of high purity tubing. Here below is some popular sizes.

Table 1. Imperial Sizes of high purity & Ultra-high purity (UHP) tubing 

Tube OD
Tube Wall in.Ordering CodeWeight
Working Pressure psig
Stainless steel 316L Seamless high purity & ultra high purity (UHP) tubing

Table 2. Metric sizes of high purity & Ultra-high purity (UHP) tubing 

Tube OD
Tube Wall mmLegth
Ordering CodeWeight
Working Pressure bar
Seamless 316L Stainless Steel high purity & ultra high purity (UHP) tubing

Other sizes are available on customers' request, and normally the length our high purity tubing is 6 mtrs, other length is available on request. 

High purity & Ultra-high purity tubing applications

Stainless steel high purity tubing and Ultra-high purity (UHP) tubes are widely used in applications where high cleanness, high purity and high performance are required, here below is a list of the typical applications.

  • High purity liquid or high purity gas convey 
  • Clean gas supply system construction
  • UHP tubes for semiconductor wafer processing and medical industries
  • Laboratory gas convey
  • Size Exclusion Chromatography
  • Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
  • Ion Exchange Chromatography
  • Affinity Chromatography
  • Reverse Phase Chromatography
  • Biotechnology 
  • Pharmaceutical instrumentation

Besides stainless steel high purity & ultra high purity tubes and ultra high purity pipes, we also supply below high purity products.

High purity fittings & tubing

Customers who are interested in high purity and ultra high purity (UHP) tubing and fittings, please contact us for more details.

Contact details:

EMAIL: [email protected]
TEL: 0086-(0)18612706695

Questions & Answers

UHP tubing is the short for Ultra High Purity tubing. UHP tubing usually is electropolished stainless steel tubing with ultra high purity, cleanliness and smoothness inner surface. The inner surface roughness of UHP tubing can be as good as Ra0.25 μm or 10RA(10μin). The most popular material for UHP tubes is stainless steel 316L (EN 1.4404).

Our high performance stainless steel tubing factory is a leading China High purity & Ultra-high purity tubing manufacturer. Our high purity & UHP tubing has advantages as below.

  • Top quality raw materials
    Our raw material stainless steel are from China top quality stainless steel manufacturers such as Baosteel, Tisco, Youngxing. 
  • TQM Quality Management system to ensure the quality
    All working process are under control by our Total Quality Management system, which ensures the quality of the high purity & UHP tubes and pipes 100% meet customers’ requirements.
  • Our factory has a variety of professional inspection facilities, including:
    Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM),Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy(EDS), Particle Counter, Surface Roughness Gauge, Micro Vickers, Metallography Microscope, Moisture Analyzer, Tensile Testing Machined etc.
  • Our UHP & high purity tubes and pipes are with high purity, high cleanliness, and high smoothness.
  • High corrosion resistant performance
  • Suitable for orbital welding
  • Full size range and accept customized size
  • Flexible and fast delivery time

If customer agrees or wishes, we will mark each tube with laser marking, the marking usually including:

  • Manufacturer Name: Younglee (if the customer want, we can also mark with their company name)
  • Corresponding Standard as: ASTM A269/ A632/ A270; EN 10216-5
  • Steel Grade: 316L / 1.4404
  • Dimension: O.D(outer diameter) x W.T (wall thickness) x length
  • Heat Number.

If the customer wish, the above markings will be on the packing bags or with a label. This is sometimes for the electropolished stainless steel tubing.

Each tube will be capped in the ends with plastic caps, for BA and EP high purity tubing, every tube is packed individually in a single polyethylene bag;  and every UHP electropolished tubing will be packed in double polyethylene bags. And then the well packed tubes will be put into a wooden case.

We can pack the high purity stainless steel tubing and ultra-high purity SS tubing in an class 10 clean room.

Our Bright annealed and electropolished (EP) high purity tubes & pipes are chemically cleaned and passivated to keep nonvolatile residue levels to comply with ASTM G93 or SEMI E 49.6.

The Ultra-High Purity (UHP) tubes &pipes are rinsed with 18MΩ di water and purged with 99.9995% filtered nitrogen and are packed in an class 10 clean room.