Younglee Group

Own 3 well managed modern factories, manufacture high purity &Ultra-high purity stainless steel tubing, honed tubes, and pipe clamps & supports (including U bolt pipe clamps), hydraulic flanges…

Our group company is a high quality and high-end tube system products manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products have good interchangeability with the most famous brands in the world, and with competitive Chinese pricing.

About Us

Younglee Group is consist of 3 factories and a international sales company. We are the first class China manufacturer and supplier of high purity & Ultra-high purity (UHP) tubing, honed tubes, pipe clamps & supports, SAE flanges. 

Our business was started since 1997, now we are exporting 60% of our products to many oversea countries. Our group company invested and manages three factories, which are Younglee Pipe Clamp Factory, Younglee Precision Stainless Steel Tube Factory and Skyline Pipes Factory.

  • Younglee Pipe Clamp Factory
    Mainly produces various types of pipe clamps and pipe supports, such as steel pipe clamps, pipe support shoe, Rubber coated U bolts …, we also have more than 10 CNC machines to manufacture SAE Flanges.

  • Younglee Precision Stainless Steel Tube Factory
    Our stainless steel tube factory has 7 tube manufacturing lines to produce high performance stainless steel tubing, including high purity stainless steel tubing, ultra-high purity (UHP) stainless steel tubing, bright annealed & Electro-polished tubing, instrument tubes…

    This is our factory for manufacturing honed tubes, chrome plated tubes, chromed hollow bars, mainly for the application of hydraulic cylinders and penumatic cylinders. Our honed tube factory Skyline Pipes has three production lines for honed tubes.

Our Products

Our three factories manufactures high quality products as below.
High purity stainless steel tubing, UHP stainless steel tubing and fittings

High purity & UHP Stainless Steel Tubing

Our stainless steel tubing factory produces & supplies high purity tubing and UHP (ultra-high purity) stainless steel tubing

Various types of pipe clamps, pipe supports, Rubber coated U bolts

Pipe Clamps and Pipe Supports

Our pipe clamp factory manufactures & supplies various standard or customized pipe clamps, pipe supports.​

honed tubes, hydraulic steel tubing, cylinder tubes

Honed Tubing & Hydraulic steel tubing

Our carbon steel seamless tube factory produces DIN2391 /EN10305 hydraulic tubes, and honed tubes, chrome plated tubes.

Hard chrome plated bar & chrome plated hollow rods

Chrome Plated Bar / Chrome Plated Hollow bar

Our factory also produces Chrome plated bar, Chrome plate hollow bar for hydraulic cylinder rods (hydraulic piston rods)

Why Choose Us

25+ years' History

25+ years' experience in manufacturing piping system products

"Zero" defect quality Target

Our factories act "0" defect as our quality target to manage our product quality

competitive Prices

With our group's own factory in China, we provide competitive prices to customers.

Flexible & Customized

We are flexible with all requirements and can meet customized requirements.

Our factroies

Our pipe clamp factory manufactures various kinds of pipe clamps, pipe supports and also manufactures SAE flanges.
Pipe clamp factory
Our Stainless steel tubing factory produces high purity stainless steel tubing, ultra-high purity (UHP) tubing, instrument tubing.
stainless steel tubing factory
Stainless steel tube Factory
Our Carbon steel tube factory mainly produce Precision honed tubes, chrome plated tubes and hydraulic tubes.
honed tube factory
Honed tubing Factory

TOP Quality in China Buy Now!

Our products are the top quality level in their fields in China, our products are interchangeable with European and USA products, and with more competitive pricing, contact us to learn more! 

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