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Honed tube and Skived & Roller burnished tubing are widely used for hydraulic cylinder and pneumatic cylinder manufacturing. So, it is also known as hydraulic cylinder tube. Younglee is one of best quality China honed tube suppliers & manufacturers. Our honed tubing is ready to use for hydraulic cylinder applications without further ID processing.

Our factory has been manufacturing high quality honed tubes with more than 25 years experiences. Our honed tubes are widely used as hydraulic cylinder tube and pneumatic cylinder tubing.

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This page introduces our product of honed tube in most detailed way, all information and knowledge about honed tubing are included in this page, and it also instructs how to order our product of honed tubes.

Table of Content

Table of Content

  1. What is honed tube?
  2. How To Order Our Honed Tube?
  3. Manufacturing Standards
  4. Product Descriptions: Specification of honed tube
  5. Production Process
  6. How do we control the product quality?
  7. Why Choose Us?

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Honed hydraulic cylinder tubes

Our factory supply honed tubes / hydraulic cylinder tubes, here below is the product details

  1. What is honed tube?

A Honed Tube is usually a CDS (Cold drawn seamless) steel tube or DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) welded steel tube with inner diameter honed or skived &roller burnished, so honed tubing is with extremely precise Inner Diameter(ID) dimensions and smoothly ID surface. Honed tubes are broadly utilized to manufacturer and repair hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders. So in many fields, the honed tube is called cylinder tube also.

  1. How to order our honed tube?

Our factory is one of the leading China honed tube suppliers & manufacturers. Customers can order honed tubes from us directly.

The following information shall be supplied by the customers at the time of enquiry and order:

  1. the quantity (weight, meters,or total length or number);
  2. the term “honed tube”;
  3. the dimensionsof honed tubing, including outer diameter (OD), Inner Diameter (ID), Length (random length or fixed length)
  4. the steel grade;
  5. The heat treatment: Stress Relieved Annealing or Hard (no heat treated)
  6. ID Honing Tolerance standard: H7, H8, H9 or H10; or customized tolerance requirement.

For an example, below is a sample of inquiry of honed tubing:

Seamless Cold Drawn Precision Honed Tube for Hydraulic Cylinders, EN 10305-1/E355+SR (St52 BK+S), Inside honed H8, ID roughness Ra ≤ 0,4µm, OD 180 mm x ID 160 mm x Length 6000 mm, QTY 50 LENGTHS.

Any questions, customers can contact us by email: [email protected] .

  1. Hydraulic cylinder tube Manufacturing standards

Honed tubes can be manufactured & supplied with international standards as below:

  • DIN 2391 part 1: Seamless precision steel tubes – Dimensions
  • DIN 2391 part 2: Seamless precision steel tubes – Technical delivery conditions
  • EN10305-1: Steel tubes for precision applications –Technical delivery conditions Part 1: Seamless cold drawn tubes
  • ASTM A519 /A519M: Standard Specification for Seamless Carbon and Alloy Steel Mechanical Tubing
  • ASTM A513 /A513M: Standard Specification for Electric-Resistance-Welded Carbon and Alloy Steel Mechanical Tubing
  • JIS G3445: Carbon Steel Tubes for Machine Structural Purposes

Besides the above popular standards, we also can produce honed hydraulic cylinder tube as per customized requirements upon customers’ requests.

  1. Product Descriptions: Specification of honed tube

As one of the leading China honed tubing manufacturers and honed tube suppliers, our factory can produce a wide range sizes and various materials of honed id tube as below.

    • 4.1. Main types of honed hydraulic cylinder tube

      • CDS honed cylinder tube

The CDS honed cylinder tubes are manufactured from Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Tubes. They are usually produced as per standard DIN 2391, EN10305-1, ASTM A519 etc.

      • DOM honed ID tube

The DOM honed pipes are manufactured from Drawn Over Mandrel Electric-Resistance-Welded Carbon Steel Tubes. These tubes are manufactured as per standard of ASTM A513.

Normally our factory’s product of honed cylinder tubes are cold draw seamless steel tubes (CDS honed ID tubes).

    • 4.2. Hone tube Sizes

Younglee’s honed tube factory produces honed cylinder tubing in below size range. Our honed tubing is available both in metric sizes and imperial sizes (inch sizes).

      • 4.2.1 Metric honed tube size

Younglee’s tube factory produces & supplies honed tubing in below metric size range.

Inside Diameter (ID): 32 mm to 600 mm;

Outer Diameter (OD): 40 mm to 720 mm;

Wall thickness: 4 mm to 60 mm;

Length: we can supply honed pipe with random length or with fixed length up to 15000 mm.

Here below is the metric size chart of our metric size honed tubing.

metric size honed tubing size chart

      • 4.2.2 Imperial cylinder tube dimensions

Younglee’s tube factory produces hydraulic cylinder tubing in below inch size range.

Inside Diameter (ID): 1.25 inch to 24 inch

Outer Diameter (OD): 1.50 inch to 30 inch

Wall thickness: 0.125 inch to 3 inch.

Length: we can supply honed pipe with random length or with fixed length up to 40 feet.

Here below is the imperial size chart of our imperial size honed cylinder tubing.

Imperial size chart of honed tubes/honed pipes

    • 4.3. Honed tubing Material specification

Our factory manufactures honed tubes with materials of ST52, ST52.3, E355, SAE 1020, SAE 1026, SAE 4140,42CrMo, 27SiMn and so on. Here below is the table of chemical composition and mechanical properties of the materials for honed pipe.

Table 1. Honed cylinder tubing material Chemical Composition

Honed tube material chemical composition

Table 2. Honed tubing Mechanical Properties

honed tubing material mechanical properties

The most popular steel grades of honed cylinder tubing are St 52.3 /E355, here below is the material specification of ST52.3 and E355. ST52.3 is described as per standard DIN 2391 /DIN2394; while E355 is described as per standard EN10305-1.

Material specification of ST52 /ST 52.3 as per DIN2391 /DIN2394


Chemistry       %YieldTensileElongationTypical Hardness



  min. Mpamin. Mpa% in 2″ sectionMin
Carbon 0.140 – 0.180420580 15 B-80
Si0.150 – 0.300    
 Mn 1.200 – 1.400    
 P 0.020 max    
 S 0.010 max    

Material Specification of EN10305-1 / E355

GradeChemistry       %YieldTensileElongationTypical Hardness



  min. Mpamin. Mpa% in 2″ sectionMin
Carbon 0.140 – 0.180420580 15 B-80
Si0.150 – 0.300    
 Mn 1.200 – 1.400    
 P 0.020 max    
 S 0.010 max    

Besides the materials listed as above, our factory also produces and supplies honed pipes with other materials upon customers’ request.

    • 4.4 Honed cylinder tube Tolerance standard

      • 4.4.1 Honed tubing ID tolerance standard

Our honed ID tubing can be supplied with ID tolerance of H7, H8, H9, H10 and H11 depends on customers’ request and its dimension. Here below is the detailed Inside Diameter (ID) tolerance standard.

For imperial honed cylinder tube sizes, the inner diameter tolerance usually is +0.003”/-0.000”.

      • 4.4.2 Honed tubing Outside Diameter Tolerance standard:

For the O.D tolerance of the honed steel tubing, we can follow the corresponding standards as DIN2391, EN10305-1, DIN1629, DIN 1630, ASTM A513, A519, etc. or upon customers’ request.

      • 4.4.3 Honed tubing Straightness Tolerance

The straightness for honed tubing is also very important, normally our straightness of hone ID tubing is 1mm/meter. However, we can make higher straightness requirement as customers’ request.

    • 4.5 Inner Diameter Manufacturing Method of cylinder tube

Honed cylinder tubes which including hydraulic cylinder tubes and pneumatic cylinder tubes usually are produced by honing processing or SRB (Skived & Roller Burnished) processing after cold drawing and heat treatment. The mother tube we usually use “Suitable To Hone” Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes. The process of the honed ID tubing is determined upon the dimension, mold available and the request of the customer.

      • 4.5.1 Honing

Under the honing process, abrasive polishing stones and paper are used to grind to remove small amounts of material in the tube ID, in order to achieve the required extremely precise ID dimensions tolerances, and to remove surface imperfections from the tube drawing process and get the desired surface finish.
Utilizing the honing process, Younglee can supply honed tubing with ID dimensional tolerances as precise as 0.021mm (H7), and surface roughness better (smoother) than Ra 0.8um.

      • 4.5.2 SRB (Skiving & Roller Burnishing)

The process of Skiving & Roller Burnishing (SRB for short) is a single pass operation that uses a Skiving tool on the forward stroke to skive the tube ID to the required size, and uses roller bearings on the reverse stroke, to burnish the surface to the required roughness. SRB process is faster than honing and normally can produce more precision tolerances and smoother surface finish than honing.
Utilizing the SRB process, Younglee can supply hydraulic cylinder tubing (which are seamless skived tubes) with ID dimension tolerance as precise as 0.021mm (H7), and inside surface roughness smoother than Ra 0.4um.

Normally, hydraulic cylinder tubes and pneumatic cylinder tubing produced by the above two processing are both called Steel Honed Cylinder Tube. Skived &Roller burnished tube is a kind of honed tube. To choose which manufacturing method, it depends on customers’ preference and the ID of the cylinder tube. Sincerely, nowadays more and more honed tubes are manufactured through the method of skiving & roller burnishing.

    • 4.6 Packing of hydraulic cylinder tube

We pack our honed cylinder tube as per Specification A700, latest revision, “Standard Practices for Packaging, Marking, and Loading Methods for Steel Products for Shipment.”

All the honed pipes will be oiled by the anti-rust oil before delivery. And to protect the inner diameter surface of the honed ID tubing, we will cap the tube ends with plastic end caps, or if customer request we can weld a steel cap to protect the inner diameter of the honed id tubing during loading and unloading. And then the honed pipes will be packed with seaworthy package such as wooden cases or plastic bags.

Package of Honed tubes / honed pipes

    • 4.7 Advantages / Features of our honed tubing

As one of the main China hone tube manufacturers and suppliers, honed steel tubes produced in Younglee’s factory have features as below.

      • Super Smooth inside surface

The inside surface roughness is Max Ra 0.4 microns ID finish (Max 16Ra ID finish).

      • High precision tolerance

The inner diameter tolerance of ID honed tubing could be H7, H8, H9 according to customers request.

      • Durable in use

As the first class quality honed tube supplier, our factory only uses prime quality raw materials, which insures the honed cylinder tubes durable in use.

      • Seamless tube with high pressure resistance;

We mostly use seamless cold drawn tubes to produce honed pipes, which means our honed tubing can work under higher pressure, thus our honed pipes are more reliable for hydraulic cylinder applications.

      • Flexible order quantity

We accept small quantity orders, even if there is only one piece of hydraulic cylinder tubing we can produce and supply.

      • Good weld-ability:

The weld-ability of our honed steel tube is very good, this is quite helpful for manufacturing the cylinders.

    • 4.8 Honed tube Applications

Honed tubing and Skived & Roller Burnished tubes (SRB tube) are mostly used as cylinder tube, such as hydraulic cylinder tube and pneumatic cylinder tubing, which are widely used for manufacturing and repairing hydraulic cylinders and pneumatic cylinders. As honed tube usually has very accuracy dimension tolerance and good surface smoothness, so this product is also used in applications where precision dimension or high smooth surface is need. For examples, honed tube is suitable for various kinds of Precision Mechanical Tube, Honed Cylinder Tubing and Hydraulic Cylinder, Construct use Multi Joint Tube, Steel Axis Pipe, Injection Machine and Robotic Arm, shock bodies, accumulators, motor housing, pump barrel and so on.

  1. Honed tubing Production Process

Our factory’s honed pipes are manufactured from cold drawn seamless steel tubes. Generally the production process is as below:

Cutting the raw material tube -> Acid pickling the raw tube -> water rinsing the raw pipe -> phosphating and surface lubricating -> cold drawing to make the CDS tube -> heat treating (stress relieved annealing) the CDS tube -> Straightening the cold drawn seamless tubes – > Cut the lengths to the required final lengths -> then honing (or skiving & roller burnishing) the tube inside diameter -> lastly inspecting the tubes and get the finished honed tubes packed.

Here below picture is the production flow chart.

honed ID tube production process

  1. How do we control the quality of the hydraulic cylinder tube?

Our factory had built a mature quality management system to ensure the product quality of the honed tube. Here are the main measures to ensure the product quality.

  • Use high quality raw materials: we buy high quality raw materials from the approved steel mills with good reputation, and we will do 100% incoming inspection for the raw material mother tubes.
  • All the manufacturing process are under control. Our factory has a set of Working Instruction Standard for every job position. All the works will follow the Working Instruction Standard.
  • Our workers will do First article quality inspection, Process Quality Inspection, and Last Article Inspection for the honed tubes.
  • All the products will be 100% inspected before packing, the final inspection of honed tube including: dimension inspection (ID, OD, Length), surface appearance, inner diameter roughness,  inner diameter quality, straightness, chemical analysis, Tensile test, NDT, and other required tests and inspections according to the production standards and customers’ order specification.
  • Reliable and firm packing: The reliable packing will provide good protection to the honed tubes during transportation.

  1. Why Choose Us?

Customers choose us mainly because of the main advantages of our products and services.

  • Rich and mature manufacturing experience: our factory has nearly 30 years manufacturing experience for honed cylinder tube (honed id tubing);
  • Advanced manufacturing equipment and facilities, including: cold drawing machine, cold rolling machine, honing machine, skiving & roller burnishing machine, straightening machine, polishing machine, heat treatment furnace, grinding machine, cutting machine, etc. Our professional engineers do regular scheduled maintenance on these machines to guarantee them work well.
  • High quality raw material: our raw materials for honed cylinder tube are mainly from the famous China steel makers, such as TPCO, SHA STEEL, BAO STEEL, which are best and largest steel manufacturers in China.
  • High precision: Our honed tubes are manufactured with high dimension precision, tolerance can be ISO H7, H8 or H9, H10, depends on the sizes and customers’ request. Which ensures the precision of the hydraulic cylinders.
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Strictly quality control: Our factory has a QC team of more than 10 persons. Every honed cylinder tube will be inspected before shipment. The inspections are carried according to corresponding standards and customers’ requests, main test which including: Chemical Analysis Test, Tensile Test, Dimension Inspection, Roughness Test, Chrome plated thickness test, straightness inspection, and other tests according to standards and customer’s requirements.
  • Mature quality management system: our Total quality management system ensures all the working processes related to product quality are in good control.

We have been exporting our honing cylinder tubes to customers in many countries for the applications of hydraulic cylinders for various machines, and other applications. We had gained very good reputation from our customers in China and abroad countries such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa, Russia, Belarus, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Ukraine, Brazil, Turkey, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Kuwait and so on.

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