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As the leading China hydraulic cylinder tube manufacturer & supplier, our factory produces and supplies high quality hydraulic cylinder tubes as below.

Hydraulic cylinder tubes, hone tubes for hydraulic cylinder


  • Product Name: Hydraulic Cylinder Tube, also known as Honed Tube
  • Product Standard: DIN 2391 / EN 10305-1 / ASTM A519
  • I.D dimension range: Honed ID 30 mm to 762 mm (imperial size 1.25 inch to 30 inch), please see detailed list of our hydraulic cylinder tube sizes.
  • Length: fixed length or random lengths, max length up to 15 meters.
  • Straightness: Max 0.5 mm per meter
  • I.D tolerance: ISO 286 H7 / H8 /H9 /H10
  • O.D Tolerance: as per DIN 2391 / EN10305-1 / ASTM A519
  • Heat treatment: Stress Relieved Annealing (BKS/ +SR); other heat treat condition on request.
  • Hydraulic cylinder tube I.D surface Roughness: Ra 0.2μm to Ra 0.4μm
  • Yield Strength: 510 Mpa to 690 Mpa.
  • Tube Protection: Anti-rust oiled both inside and outer surface, each end capped with plastic cap.
  • Packing: capped with plastic caps at ends, packed in bundles with plastic woven.
  • Material: ST52 / ST 52.3; E355; SAE 1020; SAE 1026; SAE 1045; SAE 4140 /42CrMo

Here below is the material data sheet of hydraulic cylinder tube.

Honed tube material chemical composition
honed tubing material mechanical properties


  • High precision tolerances.
    Our honed hydraulic cylinder tube can meet ID tolerance of ISO 286-2 H7, H8, H9, … etc. upon customers’ request and its I.D dimension.
  • Seamless tube with high pressure resistance.
    We only use seamless cold drawn tubes to produce hydraulic cylinder tube, which means our honed cylinder tubing can work under higher pressure, thus our hydraulic cylinder honed tube is more reliable for hydraulic cylinder applications.
  • High Smooth inside surface;
    The roughness of our hydraulic cylinder tube is Max Ra 0.4 microns ID finish (16Max Ra ID Finish).
  • Flexible order quantity: we accept small quantity orders, even if there is only one piece of hydraulic cylinder tubing we can produce and supply.
  • Good weldability: The weldability of our hydraulic cylinder steel tube is very good, this is quite helpful for manufacturing the cylinders.