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Younglee’s chrome plated steel rod factory is a leading China Chrome Cylinder Rod manufacturer supplier. Our factory manufactures and supplies a full size range of chrome cylinder rods /chromed plated rods for cylinders with various of steel grades.


  1. What is chrome cylinder rod?
  2. How is chrome cylinder rod manufactured?

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Hard chrome plated rods and hollow rods

What is Chrome Cylinder Rod?

Chrome cylinder rod is a kind of high quality hard chrome plated steel rod, used to manufacture or repair the hydraulic piston rods. They are known as hard chrome plated shaft, chrome plated bar for cylinder applications also.

Chrome cylinder rod is used in various applications, particularly in hydraulic systems. It is commonly used in hydraulic cylinders, where it serves as the main rod that extends and retracts to provide linear motion. The chrome plating on the rod provides several benefits, including increased corrosion resistance, improved wear resistance, and reduced friction. This makes the chrome cylinder rod ideal for use in demanding environments where the rod may be exposed to moisture, chemicals, or abrasive materials. Popular applications are found in dump trucks, lifters, garbage compactors, cranes, agricultural machinery and production equipment with movable parts.

How is chrome cylinder rod manufactured?

The production of chrome cylinder rod primarily involves utilizing round steel rods, which undergo meticulous centerless grinding and polishing techniques. Following this, the rods are subjected to chrome plating, ensuring a minimum plating thickness of 20 microns (0.0008″), 25 microns (0.001″), 50μm (0.002″), and other specified measurements upon customers’ requests.

Product descriptions: Chrome Cylinder Rod

Materials (steel grades)

Chrome Cylinder Rod Sizes

Younglee manufactures & supplies chrome plate rods for cylinders with size ranges as below.

Metric Size: Diameter min. 6 mm, and max. 800 mm.

Imperial Size: diameter 1/4″ to 30″

Length: from 100mm to 13000 mm, we can make the chrome rods cut to length.

Diameter Tolerance: ISO 286-2 / f7 /f8 /g6, and so on.

Chrome cylinder rod Heat treatment

Chrome plated cylinder rod can be supplied with heat treatment condition as below.

  • Induction hardened: also known as high frequency hardening;
  • Q&T: Quenching and Tempering heat treatment
  • No heat treated is also available as per customers’ requests, this usually is in the consideration of costs or some special purpose.

Surface Quality

The chrome plated bar for cylinders should be with a super smooth and bright surface, without any defects such as scratches, dents, nicks and so on. The surface roughness of the chrome plated rods should be max. Ra 0.2μm.

Chrome Thickness

The chrome plating layer thickness of our chrome cylinder bar is Available in Min. 20 microns, 25 microns, 30 microns, … 50 microns, and others upon customers’ requests.

Main types of Chrome cylinder rods / chrome bars / chrome shafts

As one of the leading chrome plated cylinder rod manufacturers, our factory produces all types of chrome plated cylinder bars / rods / shafts with various of steel grades and a broad dimension range from ⌀6mm – ⌀ 800 mm (imperial size 1/4″ to 30″).

CK45 chrome cylinder bar

CK45 chrome cylinder bar is known as CK45 chrome rod or CK45 chrome cylinder bar also, it is the hard chrome plated bar made of steel grade CK45.

Product Overview

Product Name: CK45 chrome cylinder rod, CK45 chrome platd bar; CK45 chrome plated shaft.

Origin (factory located): Wuxi, China

Brand Name: YOUNGLEE

Size Range

  • Diameter: 6mm to 800 mm (inch size 1/4″ to 30″)
  • Length: max 18 meters
  • Imperial chrome plated bar and metric sizes both are available

Heat Treatment:

  • Q&T (Quenched+Tempered)
  • Induction hardened (high frequency induction)
  • Q&T + Induction hardened
  • No heat treated

Tolerance: ISO 286-2 f7 / f8 /g6, etc.

Thickness of chrome plating:

    • Min. 20 microns
    • Min 25 microns (0.001″)
    • Min 30 microns
    • Min 50 microns (0.002″)
    • Customized

Material Properties

Steel CK45 is equivalent to SAE standard of steel 1045, so this product is also known as 1045 chrome plated rod or 1045 Chrome Bar. Here below is the material chart of chemical composition and mechanical properties of CK45 steel.

Steel GradeChemical Composition %
CK45 (C45)0.42-0.500.50-0.800.40 Max0.035 Max0.035 Max
Steel GradeMechanical Properties
Yield StrengthTensile StrengthElongationHardness
CK 4575K psi / 517 Mpa85K psi / 585Mpa10%Rc 60-72

Surface Condition

  • Hard Chrome Plating layer thickness:
    Our CK45 chrome cylinder rod typically has a minimum chrome plating thickness of 20 microns (0.0008″) or a minimum of 25 microns (0.001″). Additionally, we can provide other hard chrome plating thicknesses as per customer specifications, with a maximum chrome plating thickness of 200 microns.
  • Surface roughness:
    The surface roughness of our factory’s CK45 hard chrome plated cylinder bar is around Ra0.2μm(8 Ra), max. Ra0.4μm (16 Ra).
Surface Hardness of hard chrome plating layer of the chrome cylinder rod is Min. HV900.

Manufacturing Process

Here below picture shows how our hard chrome plated cylinder rods are manufactured.

Photos of product

Here below are the photos of our CK45 chrome plated cylinder rods, the photos are real product we supplied to your customers.

1045 Chrome Plated Cylinder Rod

1045 chrome cylinder bar is made of steel 1045, this is widely supplied to USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and so on.

Product Description

Product Name: 1045 Chrome cylinder rod, 1045 chrome cylinder bar.

Steel Grade: SAE 1045

Heat Treatment of 1045 chrome cylinder rod:

  • Q&T(Quenched + Tempered)
  • Induction Hardened
  • Q&T + Induction hardened
  • No heat treated

Diameter: Φ 6-800mm

Length: max. 18 meters

Chrome plated layer thickness: min 20μm, 25μm, 30μm, 50 Microns or customized upon request.

Surface roughness: Max Ra 0.4μm (16 RA)

Tolerance: ISO 286-2: f7/f8/f9/h8/h9 or as request

Straightness: <= 0.2/1000

Protection: Diameter Anti-rust oiled, protected with hard cardboard sleeve.

Packing: Wooden case or in bundles with ropes.

Material Properties

Below is the material chart of chemical composition & mechanical properties of Steel 1045 chrome rods.

Steel GradeChemical Composition %
SAE 10450.43-0.500.60-0.900.040 Max0.050 Max
Steel GradeMechanical Properties 
Yield StrengthTensile StrengthElongationHardness 
SAE 104575000 psi / 517 Mpa85000 psi / 585Mpa10%Rc 60-72 

Standard Tolerance Chart

Our 1045 chrome cylinder bars can be supplied with tolerance of g6, f7, f8 and f9 on customers’ request. Here below is the tolerance chart.

Tolerances for Chrome Cylinder Shafts (ISO 286-2)
overup toUpper and Lower limits in micrometer (0.001 mm)

Chromed Cylinder Bar Packing

Our factory uses anti-rust oil on the outer diameter surface of our chrome cylinder bars. Each chromed rod is then safeguarded with a protective cardboard sleeve (paper tube) and finally packaged in wooden cases or wrapped with ropes. Please see below pictures for reference.


  • Good Durability, hardness, and wear resistance are achieved in carbon steel through the utilization of formability, weldability, and durability.
  • High quality Chrome plating offers both excellent corrosion resistance and an exceptionally reflective appearance.
  • Achieving a minimum surface hardness of HV850, our chrome plated cylinder rods not only enhance wear resistance but also prolong their lifespan, resulting in cost savings for the consumer.
  • The high precision tolerances of these rods ensure a precise fit within hydraulic cylinders when used to manufacture hydraulic piston rods.

Induction hardened chrome plated rod for cylinders

Induction hardening of piston rods in cylinders is performed in order to increase the resistance to damage from external impact in applications where there is risk for them.

As the premier manufacturer of first-level chrome plated cylinder rods, with over 25 years of experience, we have been dedicated to crafting and supplying top-quality Induction Hardened Chrome Plated Rods / bars for cylinder rods and various machinery shafts. Our products have become the go-to choice for numerous hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder applications. Trust in our expertise and reliability to meet your specific needs.

Induction hardened chrome rod is known as high frequency hardened chrome rod also.

Product Description

The Induction hardened chrome plated rod results in a superior impact resistant bar ideal for high quality piston rods capable of handling tough environments.

  • Steel grades: AISI 1045 / 1050, 4140, CK45, C45, 42CrMo, 20MnV6, 27SiMn
  • Typically meets ASTM A108, A311 class B
  • Size Range:
    • Metric size diameter 6 mm to 800mm, imperial sizes available.
  • Induction hardened chrome bar length: Max. 18 meters.
  • Hardness of chrome plating HRc 60-72
  • Surface hardness of HRc 50 minimum
  • Minimum hardness case depth at 1mm
  • Hard chrome plated thickness per side: minimum 15 microns /20 microns/ 25 microns, 30microns, 50 μm
  • Surface finish of roughness Max Ra 0.4μm, (16 Ra maximum)
  • Offered in minimum yield strengths of 75k and 100k
  • Custom made diameters and chrome thickness available upon request.
  • Heat treatment:
    • Induction Hardened Rod (HRC 55-62)
    • Q&T(Quenching and tempering)  Induction Hardened Rod (HRC 60-65)


Unlike regular chrome plated rods, induction hardened chrome plated rods undergo a heat treatment process known as induction hardening. This method involves heating a metal part to a specific temperature using induction heating, followed by quenching. Except this, the other manufacturing process is similar to normal chrome plated rods.


CK45 and 1045 are the most popular materials of the induction hardened chrome plated rods. Here below are the material chart of induction hardened chrome bar.

Steel GradeChemical Composition %
SAE 10450.43-0.500.60-0.900.040 Max0.050 Max
CK 450.42-0.500.50-0.800.40 Max0.035 Max0.035 Max

And induction hardened chrome bar also can be made of steel 4140, below is the material chart of 4140 chrome plated rod for cylinders.

SAE 4140C%Si%Mn%P%S%Cr%Mo%
Min0.360.10.65  0.750.15
Mechanical Properties
Steel GradeMechanical Properties
Yield StrengthTensile StrengthElongationHardness
SAE 104575000 psi / 517 Mpa85000 psi / 585Mpa10%Rc 60-72
CK 4575000 psi / 517 Mpa85000 psi / 585Mpa10%Rc 60-72

With special heat treatment, the yield strength of our induction hardened chrome plated rod can be min. 100K psi (690 Mpa).

For induction hardened chrome plated shafts require high strength, we can supply with material 4140. Here below is the mechanical properties of SAE 4140.

4140Yield strengthTensile StrengthElongationHardness HB
Min800 Mpa /115K psi900 Mpa /130K psi20%270 HB

4140 Chrome cylinder rod

As a leading China Hard Chrome Plated Rod manufacturer and supplier, Younglee also has been manufacturing and supplying 4140 Hard Chrome rods for more than 20 years. Here following are the details. 


Material: SAE4140, AISI 4140, 4140; also known as 42CRMO4/42CrMo, SCM440

Heat treatments:

  • Q+T(Quenched + Tempered)
  • Induction Hardened (high frequency hardening, etc)

Diameter: Φ 6-800mm

Length: max 21 meters

Chrome plated layer thickness: min. 20 microns, 25 microns, min.30 mcirons, min.50 Microns or customized thickness.

Straightness: <= 0.4/1000

Surface Roughness: Max. 0.4μm

Hardness of the chrome layer: 900 HV (min) – 1150 HV

Diameter tolerance: ISO 286-2 f7/f8/f9/h8/h9 or as request

Packing: Anti-rust oiled outside, protect with hard cardboard sleeve, and then put into wooden case or wrapped with ropes in bundles.

Delivery Condition:

  • Hard Chrome Plated Rod
  • Quenched & Tempered (Q+T) hard chrome plated rod
  • Induction Hardened chrome plated bar
  • Q&T + Induction Hardened chromed bar

Material Data sheet Chart

Below is the chemical composition of 4140 chrome plated rods.
SAE 4140C%Si%Mn%P%S%Cr%Mo%
Min0.360.10.65  0.750.15
Here below is the mechanical properties of SAE 4140 steel.
4140Yield strengthTensile StrengthElongationHardness HB
Min800 Mpa /115K psi900 Mpa /130K psi20%270 HB

Why Choose Us?

1. Extensive production experience: more than 25 years manufacturing experience for 4140 honed tube and SAE 4140 chrome plated rod, in Australia, Thailand, Brazil, India, Iran, Indonesia, South Africa and other countries have long-term buyers.

2. Advanced production equipment: cold drawing machine, honing machine, skiving & roller burnishing machine, straightening machine, polishing machine, heat treatment furnace, grinding machine, etc. We have professional technicians do regular scheduled maintenance on these machines to guarantee them work well.

3. High quality raw material: our raw material of SAE 4140 steel mainly from some famous steel mills, such as TPCO, BAO STEEL, SHA STEEL, which are best and largest 4140 steel manufacturer in China.

4. High precision: Honed Tube, inside surface roughness 02-0.4 um, straightness max 0.5/1000, strict tolerance DIN2391 H8. Skived & Roller Burnished Tube, inside surface roughness under 0.2 um, straightness max 0.2/1000, strict tolerance DIN2391 H8. Chrome Plated Rod, chrome layer 10 micron to 100 micron, strict tolerance ISO f7.

5. Strict quality control: we have professional in-house QC to inspect all products. We will do Chemical Composition Test, Mechanical Property Test, Dimension Inspect, Roughness Test, Chrome Layer Test and other tests in need before delivery.

6. Safe packing: an-rust oil on tubes and rods before delivery. Plastic caps on both ends to protect tube inside surface. Then be packed with seaworthy package or in wooden case.

Application of chrome rods

Here below is a list of the main applications of chrome plated rods:

  • Hydraulic cylinders (chrome plated cylinder rods /hydraulic cylinder piston rods)
  • Guide rods for plastic manufacturing machine and hydraulic machinery
  • Shaft for machinery, such as Textile machinery center axle, Transport machinery center axle, etc.
  • Rollers for machines, such as packing machine rollers, printing machine rollers
  • Pneumatic cylinders / air cylinders
  • Ejector rods for injection molding machines
  • Vibration absorbers and pistons for some industrial machinery.


Here below are some photos of our 4140 hard chrome plated shafts/rods.

Chrome Plated Hollow cylinder Rod

Chrome plated hollow rod, also referred to as chrome plated OD tube or hollow chrome bar, is manufactured using cold drawn seamless tube or hollowed bar. The manufacturing process involves grinding and precision polishing the outer diameter, followed by chrome plating the surface to achieve a specific chrome thickness.

Product Descriptions

Below are the product descriptions of chrome plated hollow rods for cylinders:

Material: ST52, E355, CK45, 4140, 42CrMo, 27SiMn, SAE1045.

Heat treatment Type:

  • BKS: for ST 52, E355
  • +SR:  for material St52, E355
  • Q+T (Quenching and tempering ) for CK45, SAE 1045, 4140, 42CrMo
  • Hard: +C /EN10305-1; BK(DIN2391)

OD Size : 20mm – 900mm

Length: max. 21 meters

Chrome layer: min 20/25/30/50 Microns or customized

Type: Seamless, Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, Cold Drawn

Straightness: ≤ 0.5/1000

Roughness: OD Ra 0.2μm, max. 0.4μm

Tolerance EXT: DIN2391, EN10305, ASTM A519

Diameter tolerance: ISO 286-2 f7/f8/f9/h8/h9 or as request

Protection: Anti-rust oil on inside and outside surface.

Packing: Hard cardboard sleeve protection and then wrapped with rope or in wooden case.


Here below is the material chart of the chief materials of chrome hollow rods.

Why Choose Us?

Customer trust us and choose us because of our below advantages.

Product advantages:
  1. Carbon steel balances durability, hardness, and wear resistance using formability, weldability, and durability;
  2. High quality chrome plating provides corrosion resistance along with an Extremely reflective look.
  3. High Hardness: the surface hardness attaining HV850 minimal and upward, which not only help improve wear resistance but also help extend the life span of these chrome plated rods, thereby helping the consumer save the cost.
  4. High precision dimension tolerances, which ensures when used to make hydraulic piston rod, it can fit the cylinder precisely.
Advantages of Our Company:

1. Rich Production Experience: With over 20 years of manufacturing experience in honed tube and chrome plated rod for cylinders, we have established long-term relationships with buyers from various countries including Australia, Thailand, Brazil, India, Iran, Indonesia, and South Africa.

2. State-of-the-Art Production Equipment: Our advanced machinery includes cold drawing machines, honing machines, skiving & roller burnishing machines, straightening machines, polishing machines, heat treatment furnaces, and grinding machines. Regular maintenance by our professional technicians ensures the optimal performance of these machines.

3. High-Quality Raw Materials: We source our raw materials primarily from renowned steel mills such as TPCO, BAO STEEL, and SHA STEEL, which are the leading manufacturers in China.

4. Exceptional Precision: Our Chrome Cylinder Rods have a chrome layer thickness ranging from 10 to 100 microns, with a strict tolerance of ISO f7.

5. Rigorous Quality Control: Our in-house QC team conducts thorough inspections on all products. This includes Chemical Composition Tests, Mechanical Property Tests, Dimension Inspections, Roughness Tests, Chrome Layer Tests, and any other necessary tests before delivery.

6. Secure Packaging: To ensure the safety of our products during transportation, we apply anti-rust oil on tubes and rods prior to delivery. Additionally, plastic caps are placed on both ends of the tubes to protect the inside surface. Finally, the products are carefully packed in seaworthy packages or wooden cases.

Producing Process

The production of hard chrome plated hollow rods typically involves starting with cold drawn seamless tubes, which undergo grinding and polishing on the outer diameter before being plated with chrome to achieve a specific thickness. Occasionally, hot rolled seamless tubes are used as the base material for the chromed hollow rods. The following outlines the primary steps involved in manufacturing hard chrome plated hollow rods.

Product Photos

Here below are some photos of our chrome plated hollow rods.


Our factory supplies highest quality hard chrome plated cylinder rods to customers in many different countries. If you are interested in our hard chrome piston rod, chrome cyinder rod, chrome plated bars, Please contact us by email to [email protected].

Main APPLICATIONS OF Chrome plated rods/ chromed bar/ shafts

Hard chrome plated rods are the perfect choice for parts and components that need to endure abrasion, friction, and exposure to various elements.

Here below are some typical applications:

  • Hydraulic piston rods / Hydraulic cylinder rods
  • Pneumatic cylinder rods / Air cylinder rods
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Mechanical tools and equipment
  • Waste disposal transport equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Compressors
  • Rods and shafts
  • Car jacks
  • Hoists
  • Mining
  • Transport lifting equipment

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