Rubber Coated U bolts | U Bolt with rubber sleeve | Insulated U bolt pipe clamps

Rubber coated U bolt pipe clamps Overview

Rubber coated U bolt is well known as Rubber insulated U bolt, and some times people call it Rubber cushioned U bolt clamp also. It is a galvanized U bolt or stainless steel U bolt with rubber sleeve. This is the most widely used type of insulated U bolts. Our pipe clamp factory manufacturer Rubber coated U bolts in wide range of materials and full size ranges.

Rubber insulated U bolt is usually made of a standard hot dipped galvanized, cold zinc plated or stainless steel U bolt, cushioned with a seamless, good vulcanizable, polyolefin material coating or insulation. The most popular rubber insulated U bolt is EPDM coated U bolt and U bolt with neoprene sleeve. 

What are U bolts? U-bolts are a u-shaped rod with threaded ends, that fits around a pipe and is attached to a supporting member. As they are mostly used to fasten and install pipes or tubes, so they are known as U bolt pipe clamps, U bolt clamps, or U bolt tube clamps also.

Our factory can produce Rubber Coated U bolts with specifications (materials, dimensions, and so on) fully match with various standards and specificaitons, such as MODEC’s Piping Support Standard, TICO’s Specifications, SBM Offshore’s Piping support standards, and so on.

Rubber Coated U bolt is especially designed to minimise vibration transmission between pipe and hanger, and also preventing corrosion between different kinds of metals, by eliminating any possible metal to metal contact between the top and sides of the pipe.

Rubber_coated_U_bolts,rubber_insulated_U_bolt_clamp, U_bolt_with_rubber_sleeve

Rubber Insulated U bolts material

As one of the leading China U bolt clamp manufacturers, our factory can produce and supply Insulated U bolts with material as below.

  • U bolt material available: 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel U bolts; Carbon steel with zinc plated, carbon steel with hot dipped galvanized.
  •  Insulation material available: EPDM rubber sleeve, Neoprene sleeve, PVC, Thermoplastic elastomer, TPU, PE, PTFE insulation, …, and so on.

Size range of U bolt wish rubber sleeve

Our factory manufacturer U bolts with rubber sleeve with full ranges of sizes, fit for pipes, tubes and bars of sizes: 

  • 1/2″ (DN15) to 36″ (DN900)
The dimensions of our Rubber coated U bolts can be customized made according to customer’s specifications and drawings.

Advantages of our Rubber cushioned U bolt clamps

  • Our rubber coated U bolts are Easy to install
  • The U bolt with rubber sleeve is durable in use and performs good resistance to UV rays, high temperature, abrasion, chemicals, low temperature and electrolysis.
  • Insulated U bolts prevent clamping damage to the pipes during installation
  • Maintenance free and long service life:
    Our Rubber Coated U bolts offer a superior long-term service life for most industrial, commercial and especially marine environments.
  • Anti-vibrations:
    Using our U bolts with rubber sleeve can greatly reduce the transmission of noise and vibration
  • U bolt clamp with rubber sleeve can prevent wear of the pipe and U bolt due to fretting

Main types of Rubber Coated U bolt pipe clamp

Rubber coated U bolt,Rubber insulated U bolts,Rubber lined U bolts, Rubber cushioned U bolt pipe clamps

As the leading China U bolt pipe clamp manufacturer, our factory produces all types of Rubber cushioned U bolt pipe clamps. Here below is the most popular.

  • Non-Grip Rubber coated U bolts, otherwise referred to as guide bolts, allow longitudinal movement and are usually used to attach pipes or bars where there is vibration or other movement.
  • Grip rubber cushioned U bolts, are gripped-type U Bolts that are used to grip pipe in situations where it is necessary to hold the pipe in a multitude of directions.

Besides the above, there are also U strap clamps for pipes which are similar to U bolt clamps, as below.

  • Non-Grip rubber cushioned U strap clamps with bolts
  • Grip type rubber insulated U strap clamps with bolts
    U strap clamps are called U clamps for short sometimes, different from U bolts, the U clamps are made of carbon steel or stainless steel straps or plates.
  • Other customized U bolts with rubber sleeve

Photos of our U bolt with rubber sleeve

Related products

Here below are some of our products related to rubber coated U bolts. Our factory also produces these below U bolt clamps. 

  • 304 stainless steel U bolts
  • 316 stainless steel U bolts:
    Stainless steel U bolt pipe clamps are widely used in marine, ship building and offshore industries for its excellent corrosion resistant performance.
  • Plastic coated U bolts: Plastic can be another option of the insulation material (coating material) instead of the rubber.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized U bolt clamps.