Stainless Steel Pipe Clamps Introduction

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Stainless steel pipe clamps are the main product lines of Younglee’s pipe clamp factory. In industries stainless steel pipe / tube clamps usually refers to different series of steel pipe clamps made in material of stainless steels. These series of pipe clamps are usually designed for  fastening tubes and pipes where the environment is under corrosion.

Main types of Stainless Steel pipe clamps

There are many types of stainless steel pipe clamps, or even every type of pipe clamp made of material stainless steel we can call it stainless steel pipe clamp. As one of the best quality China steel pipe clamps manufacturer and supplier, Younglee’s factory manufactures the most popular types of stainless steel tube clamps as below:

DIN 3567-B steel pipe clamps

  • DIN 1592 / 1593 stainless steel tube cl amps

DIN 1592 / 1593 stainless steel tube clamps

DIN 3570 stainless steel U bolt pipe clamps

  • DIN 1596 /DIN 1597 stainless steel tube clamps

DIN 1596-1597 stainless steel pipe clamps

  • Other types of pipe clamps made in material stainless steel

Advantages of Stainless steel pipe clamps:

  • High corrosion resistance
    Stainless steel pipe clamps are mostly used in application where there is corrosion, due to the good corrosion resistance performance of the stainless steels.
  • Smoother Surface
    Due to its high corrosion resistance, the surface of stainless steel pipe clamps is smoother than carbon steel pipe clamps, which will provide tight clamping to the pipes and tubes, also, this will make the pipeline system more beautiful.
  • Durable in use
    Stainless steel pipe clamps can have much longer service time that carbon steel pipe clamps. The steel pipe clamps made of carbon steel or some alloy steel will be rusty after some time, even if they are galvanized or in HDG (hot dip zinced) surface, when rusty, the steel pipe clamp will be failure soon. And this will might cause the failure of the pipe system.

Main steel grades of Stainless steel pipe clamps

Stainless steel pipe clamps are usually supplied in stainless grades as below.

  • TP 304 /TP 304L, 1.4301/1.4307, A2
  • TP 316 /TP 316L,  1.4401/1.4404, A4
  • TP 316 Ti, 1.4571
  • Other austenitic stainless steels or duplex steels on request.


Stainless steel tube clamps / pipe clamps are mainly used to fastening tubes and pipes in industries with environments where there is corrosion, such as ship building, offshore industries, paper industry, chemical, oil and gas, mining and so on.