DIN 3015-3 Twin Pipe Clamps​​ | Tube Clamps Photos Gallery

DIN 3015-3 Twin Series Tube Clamps​​, hydraulic pipe clamps, tube clamps are manufactured according to specification DIN 3015 Part-3,  this twin series of products are designed  as a construction unit for the installation of tubes, pipes, hoses and other flexible or rigid components. Clamp bodies  are manufactured from various PP Polypropylene,PA Polyamides or aluminium, Parts as cover plates, weld plates, bolts  are available for material galvanised carbon steel, stainless steel, hot galvanizing carbon steel etc.

As the top quality China pipe clamps manufacturer, Younglee Metal produce high quality Twin Tube Clamps  as per German standard DIN 3015-3, our twin pipe clamps are with excellent performance of weathering and chemical resistance, anti-Vibration.

Here in this photo album, visitors can see the real product pictures of our  DIN 3015-3 series Twin pipe clamps.

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