Steel Tube Clamps Specifications

Steel pipe clamps are pipe clamps made of material stainless steel or carbon steel, mostly used to clamp the metal pipes and tubes to provide fastening and support for the pipes and tubes. When people install the tubes and pipes, normally they need certain types of pipe clamps.

Steel tube / pipe clamps some times are known as metal pipe clamps also. There are many different types of steel pipe clamps designed according to different standards. The most popular specifications of the steel tube clamps are German standards, such as:

There are two types of DIN 3567 steel pipe clamps, one is designed to DIN 3567 -A, which is known as the 2 bolts flat steel pipe clamps; and the other is designed to DIN 3567-B, which is known as the 3 bolts steel pipe clamps.

Here below is the specifications (data sheet) of DIN 3567-A steel pipe clamps and DIN 3567-B steel pipe clamps.

Steel pipe clamps to DIN3567A
Picture 1: Specifications of Carbon steel and stainless steel pipe clamps desgined to standard DIN 3567 type A
3 bolts steel tube clamps to DIN3567-B
Picture 2: 3 bolts Carbon steel and stainless steel pipe clamps desgined to standard DIN 3567 type B
  • Steel tube clamps designed to German standard DIN 1592, DIN 1593,
  • Steel tube clamps designed to DIN 1596, DIN1597.

Besides German DIN standard steel tube clamps, there are also other types of pipe clamps made of steel, such as:

  • Square steel pipe clamps
  • Multi pipe clamps made of stainless steel or carbon steel
  • Anti vibration pipe clamps made of steels.

Factors which affect the quality of the carbon steel pipe clamps and stainless steel pipe clamps:

  • Quality of Raw materials of Carbon steel and stainless steel
  •  Manufacturing process quality management
  • Inspections

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