Rubber Coated U bolts | U Bolt with rubber sleeve | Insulated U bolt pipe clamps

Rubber coated U bolt pipe clamps Overview Rubber coated U bolt is well known as Rubber insulated U bolt, and some times people call it Rubber cushioned U bolt clamp also. It is a galvanized U bolt or stainless steel U bolt with rubber sleeve. This is the most widely used type of insulated U … Read more

TEFLON Coated U bolts | PTFE Coated U bolt clamps | PTFE Insulated U bolts

PTFE Coated U bolt pipe clamps are well known as TEFLON coated U bolts also, this product is one of our featured products. Our factory is a high quality U bolt manufacturer and suppliers, we manufacture & supply a lot of PTFE (Teflon) coated U bolts and PTFE insulated U bolt pipe clamps for marine, … Read more