What are the Pressure Ratings for different SAE Flanges?

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SAE Flanges are usually forged flanges designed to standard SAE J518C and ISO 6162. They are mostly used in hydraulic systems and high pressure applications. So what are the working pressures for different sizes of SAE hydraulic flanges?

There are two different series divided by the pressure ratings, which are:

  • Pressure 3000 psi series

SAE Flanges of 3000 psi series usually are known as code 61 flanges, and sometimes they are called SAE 3000 flanges or SAE flange class 3000.

3000 psi SAE flanges are designed according to standard ISO 6162-1.

Here below is the chart shows the specific working pressure of the different sizes of SAE 3000 flanges:

Working Pressure of SAE Flanges CODE 61 SAE J518-1 / ISO 6162-1
Inch SizeMax Working PressureGrade 8 and Equivalent Fastener Torque Value
PSIMPaSocket Head UNC (lb-ft)Hex Head UNC (lb-ft)
1 1/4”4000286852
1 1/2”30002111180
2 1/2”250017.511180
3 1/2”5003.5218160

  • Pressure 6000 psi series

Hydraulic SAE Flanges of 6000 psi series usually are known as code 62 flanges, and sometimes they are called SAE 6000 flanges or SAE flange class 6000.

6000 psi SAE flanges are designed according to standard ISO 6162-2.

Here below is the chart shows the specific working pressure of the different sizes of hydraulic flanges SAE class 6000:

Working Pressure of Hydraulic flanges CODE 62 SAE J518-2 / ISO 6162-2
Inch SizeMax Working PressureGrade 8 and Equivalent Fastener Torque Value
PSIMPaSocket Head UNC (lb-ft)Hex Head UNC (lb-ft)
1 1/4”60004011180
1 1/2”600040218160

What is Butt Weld Flange and its applications?

Butt weld flanges are widely used in different industries, this is one of the popular type of industrial flanges.Butt weld flanges-factory-manufacturer

The range of butt weld flange use is determined according to different characteristics. They are mostly used in the case of moderate medium conditions, such as low pressure non-purifying compressed air and low pressure circulating water. Its advantage is that the price is cheaper. Butt weld flanges are suitable for connection of steel pipes whose nominal pressure does not exceed 2.5MPa. The sealing surface of butt weld flanges can be made into three types of smooth, concave and convex. Smooth butt weld flange application of the largest amount, the other two methods of butt weld flange is also common in use.

Butt Weld flange is not easily deformed, with well sealed, so they are widely used. They have the corresponding rigid and elastic requirements and a reasonable butt welding thin transition, welding seam from the joint surface distance, so the joint will not be affected by the welding temperature deformation. They have a more complex body structure, so they are suitable for pressure or temperature fluctuations in the pipeline or high temperature, high pressure and low temperature pipe, generally used for PN greater than 2.5MPa pipe and valve connections; also used to transport prices Expensive, flammable, explosive medium on the pipeline.

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What is the reason of flange seal failure? How to prevent flange leakage?

Analysis of leakage of flange seal  and its Prevention 

Abstract: By analyzing the causes of leakage of flange seal, find out the prevention and solution.

Key words: flange  seal  leakage

Flange connection is widely used in the pipeline connection, such as  in gas, oil, water supply and drainage pipes. There many different types of flanges such as SAE flanges (code 61/62 flanges), Slip on flanges, Lapped flanges, Weld neck flanges, and so on.

As the leakage of flange seal can cause the transmission of materials, gas leakage, pollution, and even cause a major fire or personal injury accidents, it must pay attention to the flange seal. This paper analyzes the factors that cause leakage of flange  and puts forward the solution to the solution.

First, the flange

1,  Sealing surface of flange exists in several forms

(1) Flat sealing surface is a smooth plane, usually in the plane with 2-3 concentric groove, tighten the bolt, the gasket material is easy to both inside and outside the squeeze, not easy to compact, only for the pressure is not high , Non-toxic media, non-flammable and explosive occasions.

(2) The concave-convex sealing surface consists of a concave surface and a convex surface, this sealing surface gasket is easy to center, when compress it ,the gasket will not squeeze out.So it can be used for slightly higher pressure occasions.

(3) The tongue and groove sealing surface consists of a tenon and a groove surface, the gasket placed in the tank, will not be squeezed and moved, because the gasket is narrow, the gasket clamping force correspondingly smaller, its shortcomings is the complex of structure and manufacturing , replace the gasket is also more trouble. Generally used for flammable, explosive, toxic media and high pressure occasions.

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Inspection Instructions Of Sae Flange

This instruction is made by Younglee Metal Products Co.,Ltd, complied and implemented by quality department of its SAE Flange factory.


This instruction is intended to strengthen the quality management of flanges, making the quality inspection be processize, standardization, and improve the quality control level. Flanges should meet our factory inspection and testing standards, in addition to the implementation of the contract technical requirements. If there is a conflict between the requirements of the contract and this requirement, it shall perform the higher standard as required.

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Looking for safety pipe connectors for hydraulic pipes?

Flanges are the most popular components in pipe and tube installations in industries, they are used to connect pipes or tubes. For most of the applications, the normal flanges are enough to provide good connection to pipe lines. However, for pipes under high pressure, such as hydraulic tubing, are they normal types of flanges still safe?

No! To provide safety and leak-free connection of the tubes and pipes under high pressure, the best way is that we use certain type of SAE Flanges.

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