Looking for safety pipe connectors for hydraulic pipes?

Flanges are the most popular components in pipe and tube installations in industries, they are used to connect pipes or tubes. For most of the applications, the normal flanges are enough to provide good connection to pipe lines. However, for pipes under high pressure, such as hydraulic tubing, are they normal types of flanges still safe?

No! To provide safety and leak-free connection of the tubes and pipes under high pressure, the best way is that we use certain type of SAE Flanges.

SAE flanges are designed for connecting tubes, pipes and hoses under high pressure applications. The max. working temperature can be up to 420 bar (6000 psi), which covers the most wide range of hydraulic applications.

SAE-Flanges,hydraulic SAE flanges

Hydraulic SAE flanges are designed according to ISO 6162-1 And ISO 6162-2, which conform to SAE J518C. In some industries, they are called code 61 flanges and code 62 flanges.

How to choose the right type of SAE flanges?

SAE flanges come in many different types designed for different application conditions. So first of all we need to decide which type of SAE flanges to use. For example for the connection of the already installed tubes, SAE split flange halves are convenient to install.

Secondly, we need to decide about which pressure rate of SAE flanges to use. There are two pressure rates of SAE flanges: 3000 psi Standard pressure series and 6000 psi high pressure series.

Lastly, we should decide which size to use. This is mostly determined by the size of the pipes to be connected.

To look for information of descriptions, technical parameters, data sheet, please visit the website of SAE flanges.