SAE BSPP threaded flanges

SAE BSPP threaded flanges are the SAE threaded flanges with BSPP type thread. As a sub variety, this product followed all the descriptions of SAE threaded flanges. To find information of materials, working pressure, surface treatments and size range, please refer to SAE threaded flanges.


Available Sizes and data sheet of Younglee SAE BSPP thread flanges:

SAE BSPP thread flanges drawing

Data Sheet of SAE BSPP thread flanges

Max. workingNominalDimensionsBoltsWeight
pressureFlange3000 psi standard pressure series / code 61 SAE BSPP thread flanges
3501/2"G 1/21338.15417.48463616199M 8x305/16x1 1/40.25
3501/2"G 3/81338.15417.48463616199M 8x305/16x1 1/40.28
3503/4"G 3/41947.636522.235236181911M 10x353/8x1/20.39
3503/4"G 1/21347.636522.235236181911M 10x353/8x1/20.42
3151"G 12552.377026.195938182211M 10x353/8x1/20.46
3151"G 3/41952.377026.195938182011M 10x353/8x1/20.49
3151"G 1/21352.377026.195938182211M 10x353/8x1/20.52
2501.1/4"G 1 1/43258.727930.187341212211.5M 10x407/16x1 1/20.66
2501.1/4"G 1 1/43258.727930.187341212213M 12x40-0.66
2501.1/4"G 12558.728130.187342252211.5M 10x407/16x1 3/40.75
2501.1/4"G 12558.728130.187342252213M 12x40-0.75
2501.1/4"G 3/41958.727930.187341212211.5M 10x407/16x1 1/20.79
2001.1/2"G 1 1/23869.859335.718345252413.5M 12x451/2x3/41.05
2001.1/2"G 1 1/43269.859535.718345272413.5M 12x451/2x3/41.1
2001.1/2"G 12569.859335.718345252413.5M 12x451/2x3/41.16
2001.1/2"G 3/41969.859335.718345252413.5M 12x451/2x3/41.23
2002"G 25177.7710242.889745253013.5M 12x451/2x3/41.19
2002"G 1 1/23877.7710242.889745252613.5M 12x451/2x3/41.25
2002"G 1 1/43277.7710242.889745252413.5M 12x451/2x3/41.4
2002"G 12577.7710242.889745252613.5M 12x451/2x3/41.44
1602.1/2"G 2 1/26388.911450.810950253013.5M 12x451/2x3/41.4
1602.1/2"G 25188.911450.810950253013.5M 12x451/2x3/41.45
1383"G 373106.3813461.9313150273417M 16x505/8x22.15
1383"G 2 1/263106.3813461.9313150273017M 16x505/8x22.25
353.1/2"G 3 1/289120.6515269.8514048273417M 16x505/8x22.4
353.1/2"G 373120.6515269.8514048273417M 16x505/8x22.5
354"G 499130.1816277.7715248273417M 16x505/8x22.85
354"G 3 1/289130.1816277.7715248273417M 16x505/8x23
355"G 5120152.418492.118150283017M 16x505/8x25.8
6000 psi high pressure series / code 62 SAE BSPP thread flanges
Max. working pressure
Nominal Flange SizeDimensionsBoltsWeight
4001/2"G 1/21340.495418.24483616199M 8x305/16 x1 1/40.26
4001/2"G 3/81340.495418.24483616199M 8x305/16 x1 1/40.29
4003/4"G 3/41950.87123.86035212211M 10x353/8 x1 1/20.5
4003/4"G 1/21350.87123.86035212211M 10x353/8 x1 1/20.55
4001"G 12557.158127.767042252413M 12x457/16 x1 3/40.76
4001"G 3/41957.158127.767042252413M 12x457/16 x1 3/40.8
4001.1/4"G 1 1/43266.689531.757845272515M 14x451/2 x1 3/41.2
4001.1/4"G 12566.689531.757845272515M 14x451/2 x1 3/41.3
4001.1/2"G 1 1/23879.3811236.59550302817M 16x505/8 x 21.65
4001.1/2"G 1 1/43279.3811236.59550302817M 16x505/8 x 21.75
4002"G 25196.8213444.4511465373021M 20x703/4 x 2 1/22.45
4002"G 1 1/23896.8213444.4511465373021M 20x703/4 x 2 1/22.55
4002.1/2"G 2 1/263123.818058.815280453226M 24x80-6.75
4003"G 373152.420871.417890554033M 30x100--

The above data sheet could also be used for SAE NPT threaded flanges. The dimensions of these two types of SAE flanges are the same.

As the prime quality and professional Chinese factory, Younglee can deliver SAE BSPP flanges in wide range of carbon steels and stainless steels, or according to customers’ requests.