SAE Flange Clamps

Forged SAE flange clamps

SAE flange clamps, hydrauic sae flange clamps

Hydraulic SAE flange clamps are designed and manufactured according to standard ISO 6162-1, ISO 6162-2. This product is widely used in hydraulic systems as safe and leak free tube and pipe connectors.

Main series of SAE flange clamps:

  • 3000 PSI Standard Pressure Series (acc. to ISO 6162-1)
  • 6000 PSI High Pressure Series (acc. to ISO 6162-2)

Size range:

  • for 3000 PSI Standard Pressure Series: 1/2″ (DN13) to 5″ (DN127)
  • for 6000 PSI Standard Pressure Series: 1/2″ (DN13) to 2″ (DN51)


Younglee SAE flange clamps are made in carbon steel and popular stainless steels:

  • Carbon steels: C45, C20, CQ235, or on requests;
  • Stainless steels: 304, 316, 316L, 316Ti or on requests. Stainless steel SAE flanges are used as stainless steel hydraulic tubing connectors.

Surface treatment:

For carbon steel Sae flange clamps there usually should be surface treated as below

  • Zinc coated (white): Salt Spray Test > 72 Hours ( for higher requirement, we can also do with 200 Hours salt spray test on requests )
  • Galvanized zinc to yellow
  • Phosphated (black)
  • Untreated oiled
  • Untreated oxidation

Manufacturing process:

SAE Flange clamps are usually forged and machined.

There are some different styles of SAE Flange clamps as below:

  • SAE Flange clamp with thread

SAE Flange clamps with thread

  • Flat Style SAE Flange Clamps

Flat type SAE Flange clamps

Younglee’s factory also is one of the first class quality Chinese manufacture of SAE flange now. We had supplied our products to many customers home and in oversea countries.