SAE Flanges

SAE flanges/ Hyraulic SAE flanges

SAE flange / hydraulic SAE flange is another product of Younglee group’s factory besides pipe clamp and seamless steel tubes.  This series of products are materials for safe and leak-free flange connections according to SAE J 518 C and ISO 6162-1/2, which are known as code 61 flanges and code 62 flanges also.

Product group of Younglee hydraulic SAE flanges including:

SAE Split Flanges
SAE Flange clamps
SAE Flange Clamps
SAE NPT Thread Flanges
SAE BSPP Thread Flanges
SAE Socket Weld Flanges
SAE Socket Weld Elbow 90° Flanges
SAE Closed Flanges, SAE Blind Flanges
SAE Closed Flanges
SAE Butt Weld Flanges
  • SAE Single-Part Flanges / SAE Single-Part Counterflanges
  • SAE Blind Flanges  (SAE closed flanges)
  • SAE Blocks
  • SAE Flange couplings

All the above products of SAE flanges come in two main series

  • 3000 psi standard pressure series, designed according to standard ISO 6162-1, this is also called code 61 flanges
  • 6000 psi high pressure series, designed according to standard ISO 6162-2, this is also called code 62 flanges.

Materials of SAE hydraulic flanges

SAE flanges are usually available in Carbon steel, 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel, other materials also can be supplied on request with some required min. order quantity.

Connection type of Younglee’s hydraulic SAE flanges

As you can see in the above product list, normally, there are four connection types for SAE flanges, which are socket weld, butt weld, NPT thread, and BSPP thread.

Main Applications of SAE code 61 / code 62 flanges:

As one of the most safety and leak free connect solutions for pipes and tubes, SAE flanges are widely used in pipe and tube systems for pumps and oil-dynamic applications in many industries such as mining, shipbuilding, paper processing, machinery manufacturing, building machinery and so on. Especially suitable for using in hydraulic systems, so they are well known as hydraulic flanges.