What are Mounting Rails | Pipe Clamp Mounting Rail |clamp mounting rail?

What are Mounting Rails?

Mounting Rails Younglee Manufactured

size of mounting rails TS11, TS14, TS30

Mounting rails are some types of rails / channels used for mounting, supporting and installing some industrial parts and components, such as Electronic components,  lights, wires, pipe clamps and so on. 

Mounting rails are come with different standards, such as DIN mounting rails, ASTM US mounting rails, or sometimes non-standard according to customers’ customized drawings. 

Depends on the materials, there are carbon steel mounting rails, stainless steel mounting rails and Aluminum mounting rails, etc.

Pipe clamp mounting rail is one of the most popular type of mounting rails in various industries. Here below is the most detailed introduction of tube clamp mounting rails.


Clamp mounting rails are widely used for installing hydraulic pipe clamps to hold various size of hydraulic pipes. They are a kind of C-profile rails for pipe clamps mounting. Younglee is a professional manufacturer and supplier of pipe clamp mounting rails. 

Besides tube clamp mounting rails, there are also many other types of mounting rails according to its different applications.

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