Mounting Rail STSV H-D0 (Heavy series) Equal to clamp mounting Rail STSV

Pipe Clamp Mounting Rails ( Heavy Series)

Mounting rail STSV H-D0 is the heavy series clamp mounting channel, it is designed for heavy duty pipe clamps mounting. Younglee is a professional manufacturer and supplier of pipe clamp mounting rails. We produce and supply top quality clamp mounting rails.

Mounting Rails STSV H-D0 Overview

Heavy series mounting rails are designed and produced according to German standard DIN 3015-2 (heavy series), they are with the same dimensions and performance as the famous brands of mounting rail STSV, also with the same quality. The only difference is our brand is YOUNGLEE. 

Our DIN 3015 C-profile mounting rails STSV are broadly used for installing pipe clamps in applications under high pressure or heavy vibrations. People usually use mounting nuts to parallel mount the heavy duty pipe clamps (H-G5 series) on the STSV rails. Our mounting rail STSV can be widely used in various industries such as hydraulics, mechanical engineering, marine, offshore projects and ship building and so on.

Mounting rail STSV (DIN 3015 standard)

Mounting Rail STSV Dimensions

Our type of mounting rail STSV H-D0 is equal to the famous brands of mounting rail STSV, they are with the fully same dimensions.

mounting rail STSV SIZE

STSV H-D04013522

Our heavy series mounting rail STSV H-D0 usually is supplied in length 1 meter or 2 meters, and we also can supply mounting rails with other different length on customer’s request.

Mounting Rail STSV H-D0 Materials

We produce and supply clamp mounting rail STSV (equal to the famous brand of mounting rail STSV) with materials as below.

  • Carbon steel

Our carbon steel DIN rails (DIN 3015-2 mounting channels) are available in steel grade ST52, E235, SAE1020, etc. And the carbon steel mounting rails are supplied with cold zinc plated surface or hot dip galvanized (HDG) surface.

  • Stainless steel 304

We can produce and supply stainless steel mounting rails with stainless steel AISI 304. 

  • Stainless steel 316

We produce and supply 316 stainless steel mounting rails for many applications where high corrosion resistance are required, such as ship building, marine, offshore industries.

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