Nickel Tube / Nickel Pipe-Seamless nickel tubing Manufacturers & Suppliers

Nickel Tube is widely used in various industries where high corrosion resistance, high strength and/or high temperature resistance is required. Younglee’s Tubing factory can manufacture and supply high quality seamless nickel tubes and pipes with sizes OD 6mm- 76mm, and wide range of materials, including famous nickel alloy grades such as inconel tubing (inconel 600, inconel 718, inconel 625 tubing, … ), monel tubing (monel 400), and incoloy tubing (incoloy 825). 

Advantages of Nickel Tube

Nickel alloys can provide a combination of high corrosion resistance, high strength, and good metallurgical stability and weldability. 

  • Many nickel alloys provide excellent heat resistance, making Nickel alloy tubes  an ideal option for applications where requiring integrity at elevated temperatures. High temperature heat resistant nickel pipe is ideal for the aerospace, oil & gas, aircraft, defense and power generation industries.
  • Nickel tube can perform excellent corrosion resistance in both aqueous and high-temperature applications.
  • Nickel pipes can be supplied with very thin wall-thickness, for the good ductile performance.
  • Nickel tubes can be electroplated and are easily welded, making them suitable for applications in various fields where very high and low temperatures come into play.