Pipe Clamps | What is a pipe clamp?

Pipe clamps are a series of industrial products which used to clamp, hold, support pipes, tubes or hoses. And actually a pipe clamp can be also used as a wire clamp and bar clamp to clamp the wires and bars. Younglee Pipe Clamp is one of the leading and famous pipe clamp manufacturers in China and we are famous in Southeast Asia.

Here below are the product range of pipe clamps which Younglee manufactures.

Our Product of Pipe Clamps

light duty hydraulic pipe clamps to DIN 3015-1
Light duty Hydraulic Pipe Clamp

Light duty hydraulic pipe clamps to DIN 3015-1, interchangeable to other famous Clamps

Stainless steel pipe clamps
Stainless Steel Pipe Clamp

Pipe clamps made of stainless steels, acc. to different specifications

Steel tube clamps to DIN 1592, DIN 1593, DIN 1596, DIN1597
Small Steel Pipe Clamp

Pipe clamp produced acc. to DIN 1592, DIN 1593, DIN 1596, DIN 1597

Hydraulic Heavy duty pipe clamps DIN 3015-2
Heavy duty Hydraulic Pipe Clamp

Hydraulic Heavy duty pipe clamps acc. to DIN 3015-2, interchangeable to other famous brand clamps

Steel pipe clamps to DIN 3567 or other specifications
Steel Pipe Clamps

Pipe clamp acc. DIN 3567 type A/B, or other specifications, customized, galvanized steel.

customized pipe clamps with EPOXY coating or any other coating on request
Customized Pipe Clamps

Steel pipe clamps or stainless steel pipe clamp as per customer's drawings

Hydraulic twin pipe clamps, double pipe clamps to DIN 3015-3
Hydraulic Double / Twin pipe clamp

Double (twin) pipe clamp acc. to DIN 3015-3, interchangeable to other famous brand clamps

U bolt pipe clamps, U bolts
U bolt Pipe Clamps

U bolt pipe clamps acc. to DIN 3570, galvanized & stainless steel.

Hose clamp, loop clamps
Hose Clamps

Hose clamps made of galvanized steel or stainless steel with rubber cover.

Pipe clamps are also known as pipe hangers, pipe brackets, pipe holder, pipe support brackets, pipe supports, tube supports, pipe strap, pipe clips, pipe mounting brackets, pipe mount, and so on. All these above are the different names of pipe clamps in different industrial areas and different countries.

Pipe Clamp Specifications

Pipe clamps are designed and manufactured as per various different international standards and specifications, depends on the requirements of the specific applications. Here below is the specifications our pipe clamps follows.

Pipe support & Clamp Materials

Pipe clamp, Pipe support and its brackets usually are made of materials as below.

As the leading pipe supports and pipe clamp manufacturers, our factory can produce pipe clamps and pipe support brackets with all the above materials.

Pipe brackets & clamps sizes

Theoretically the dimension of the pipe brackets and pipe clamps are determined by the size of the pipe, tube, hose or bars it supports or clamps. Our factory can produce all dimensions of pipe clamps, pipe support brackets, pipe hanger from O.D range of 6 mm to 1200 mm.

Pipe brackets & tube clamp types

Tube clamps, pipe brackets, pipe hangers come in different types, shapes depends on the requirements of the specific applications. Our factory can produce all types of pipe clamps, pipe hanger, pipe support brackets, …, we accept customized products upon customers’ requirements.

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