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Who are we?

Younglee Pipe Clamp Manufacturing Factory Co., Ltd is the pipe clamp manufacturer factory of Younglee Group. 

Since the year 1990s, our factory had been specialized in manufacturing pipe support components. And in the year of 2011, the factory was acquired by Younglee Metals. Since then our business is growing rapidly, and now we had grown up to a leading pipe clamp and support manufacturer in the market, and also well-known in the Southeast Asia market for the high quality and rich experiences.

Our pipe clamp factory is consist of 6 main workshops (as plastic injection workshop, cold forming workshop, hot extrusion & press workshop, Welding workshop, CNC workshop, assembling & packing workshop, one quality inspection center, and one warehouse.


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Pipe supports and pipe clamps

Our Mission

Design, Manufacture & supply full range of pipe supporting products for pipe, tube, hose installation, layout, clamping, supporting purpose in all industries areas! And to achieve “Zero” defects through continuous improvement!

With nearly 30 years’ effort, we have been severing more than 200 customers in different industries in more than 30 different countries all over the world. Our rich experience in pipe clamp designing and manufacturing helps our customers to benefit a lot in their own industries. 

We are always keep growing through our continuous improvement system!


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