We are the top quality China Pipe Clamp manufacturer

With nearly 30 years’ experience, Younglee Pipe Clamp had grown up to a top quality pipe clamp manufacturer in China, and now also well-known in Southeast Asia. Our pipe clamps are widely used for various applications in most of the industries.

Younglee Pipe Clamp Factory

Our Pipe Clamps

Our factory manufactures various types of pipe clamps, pipe hangers, pipe support brackets for all industrial applications. We also produce customer customized clamps.

Rubber insulated pipe clamps
for Ship building /Marine industries
Customized stainless steel pipe clamps / steel pipe clamps
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About Us

Younglee Pipe Clamp Manufacturing Factory Co., Ltd is the top quality and leading China manufacturer of various pipe clamps. We had focused in producing pipe support components for nearly 30 years.

With many years development, our pipe clamping and supporting system product group including  pipe clamps, pipe hanger, pipe brackets, pipe support brackets, pipe supports, beam attachments, pipe holder, hose clamps, pipe shoes, and other hardware.

Our factory is equipped with full set of machining and manufacturing facilities and all the factory working process is under well management by our Total Quality Management System.

Pipe Clamp Gallery

Our product group of pipe clamps including various types of pipe support components such as tube clamps, pipe hangers, pipe brackets, pipe support brackets, pipe shoes …

Customer Reviews

We supply a huge number of pipe clamps to our customers in China and abroad. We had gained very good reputation for our high quality products.

They are with rich experiences in marine industries, they manufactured the customized steel pipe clamps for us, everything is good.
marine ship building customer 1
Creg Foxx
We are Australia distributor of pipe system products. Younglee OEM the pipe support components for us, we had cooperate together for 10 years.
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Scoot McKinley
We bought DIN 3015 tube clamps here, and their tube clamps are with very good interchangeability to some famous brands, and better pricing!
wholesale customer 3
Mary Griffin
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