Rubber Coated U bolts | U Bolt with rubber sleeve | Insulated U bolts

Our factory manufacturer U bolts with rubber sleeve for many different industries. This is a most popular type of Insulated U bolts, it is also known as Rubber coated U bolt clamps.

Rubber coated U bolts are known as U bolt with rubber sleeve also, it is the most popular kind of insulated U bolts. Our pipe clamp factory manufacturer Rubber insulated U bolts in wide range of materials and full size ranges.

U Bolt with rubber sleeve is a standard hot dipped galvanized, cold zinc plated or stainless steel U bolt with a seamless, good vulcanizable, polyolefin material coating or insulation. The most popular rubber insulated U bolt is EPDM coated U bolt.

Rubber Coated U bolt is especially designed to minimise vibration transmission between pipe and hanger, and also preventing corrosion between different kinds of metals, by eliminating any possible metal to metal contact between the top and sides of the pipe. These Rubber coated U bolts are also used with Fiberglass-reinforced polymer Half Rounds to help control crevice corrosion on the bottom of the painted tubes.

Specifications of Rubber Coated U bolts

As the leading China U bolt pipe clamp manufacturers, the dimensions and other requirements of our Insulated U bolts can be conformed to the most popular international standards, such as:

  • DIN 3570
  • ASME B18.31.5
  • and other customized specifications, customer’s drawings.

After the U formed, the U bolt clamps will be coated or insulated with rubber materials such as EPDM or FRP materials.

Rubber Coated U bolt Size Range

Our factory manufacturer Rubber Coated U bolts with full ranges of sizes, fit for pipes and tubes of size:

  • 1/2″ (DN15) to 36″ (DN900)

Thread sizes of the U bolts are available from M6 to M56, we can provide both metric thread U bolt and UNC thread U bolt clamps.

Advantages of our U bolt with rubber sleeve

  • Our rubber coated U bolts are Easy to install
  • The U bolt with rubber sleeve is durable in use and performs good resistance to UV rays, high temperature, abrasion, chemicals, low temperature and electrolysis.
  • Insulated U bolts prevent clamping damage to the pipes during installation
  • Maintenance free and long service life:
    Our Rubber Coated U bolts offer a superior long-term service life for most industrial, commercial and especially marine environments.
  • Anti-vibrations:
    Using our U bolts with rubber sleeve can greatly reduce the transmission of noise and vibration
  • U bolt clamp with rubber sleeve can prevent wear of the pipe and U bolt due to fretting