Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) U bolt pipe clamps for marine, ship building and offshore applications

Hot dip galvanized U bolts are known as HDG U bolts also. The hot dipped galvanized surface provides better corrosion resistance than cold galvanized surface. Hot dipped galvanized U bolts have good performance on resistant to Marine salt fog atmosphere, so they are widely used in ship building, marine and offshore industrial applications.

As one of the leading U bolts manufacturers, our factory produces hot dipped galvanized U bolts in a wide range of sizes and types.

Hot dip galvanized U bolts Specifications

As the leading China U bolts manufacturers, the dimensions and other requirements of our hot dip galvanized U bolts can be conformed to the most popular international standards, such as:

  • DIN 3570
  • ASME B18.31.5
  • MSS-SP-69
  • and other customized specifications, customer’s drawings.

HDG U bolt clamp Size Range

As one of the leading U bolts manufacturer and supplier, our factory manufacturer hot dip galvanized U bolts with full ranges of sizes, fit for pipes and tubes of size:

  • 1/2″ (DN15) to 36″ (DN900)

Thread sizes of the HDG U bolts are available from M6 to M56, we can provide both metric thread Hot dipped galvanized U bolt and UNC thread HDG U bolt clamps.

Main types of our Hot-dipped galvanized U bolts

  • We supply our HDG U bolt pipe clamps with two HDG hex. nuts on each leg, or one HDG hex. nut on each leg, including washers.
  • Also our Hot-zincked U bolts can be coated with rubber as Rubber Coated U bolts
  • and our hot dip galvanized U bolt clamps can be coated with PTFE (TEFLON) as PTFE Coated U bolt clamps