DIN 3015 series hydraulic pipe clamps for marine, ship building and offshore applications

Hydraulic pipe clamp is one of the best products for hydraulic tube line clamping, fastening, and installing. Hydraulic pipe clamps are mostly designed and manufactured according to German standard DIN 3015. The unique structure of hydraulic pipe clamps ensures the clamps can greatly reduce the impact, vibration and noise, and they are more and more used in hydraulic systems and applications where anti-vibration purpose is required.

Main series of Hydraulic pipe clamps

According to the specifications, there are three main types as below:

Depends on the connecting method, there are three main series of DIN 3015 pipe clamps

  • Weld plate series
    This series of hydraulic tube clamps are usually supplied with a welded base plate, other parts of the weld plate pipe clamps usually include clamp body, bolts and cover plates(if required).
    When installing this series of tube clamps, the weld plate is welded to some brackets, supports or base metal.
    Weld plate Polyamide pipe clamp, weld type PA pipe clamp
  • Rail nut series / Mounting rail series
    This series of hydraulic pipe clamps are usually used with two Rail Nuts to install on to some metal Clamp mounting rails, see in below picture. Other parts of the weld plate pipe clamps usually include clamp body, bolts and cover plates(if required).
    Din 3015-Rail nut pipe clamp-mounting rail pipe clamps
  • Bolt connecting series
    Bolt connecting series DIN 3015 tube clamps are installed or fastened to the brackets or metal base simply by the bolts. No weld plate or rail nut is required. When installing, customers need to drill two screw holes on the brackets or supports, then fasten the pipe clamp onto it by screwing the bolts into the screw holes. Or use a nut to fasten the bolt.
    DIN 3015 hydraulic pipe clamps

All the above series of pipe clamps can be supplied and used in Stacking types (multi layers stacking pipe clamps), by using our stacking bolts and safety locking plate.

Hydraulic pipe clamp materials

  • For Clamp body, available with materials of Polypropylene (PP plastic pipe clamps), Polyamide (PA pipe clamp), Aluminum;
  • For the mounting hardware such as cover plate, bolts, weld base plate, rail nuts, they are available in material Carbon steel (galvanized) and 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel.
  • Other materials are also available upon customers’ requests.

DIN 3015 Pipe Clamp Size Range

Our DIN 3015 series pipe clamps are available in size ranges as below.

  • Light duty pipe clamps: O.D 6 mm to O.D 102 mm
  • Heavy duty pipe clamps: O.D 6 mm to O.D 508 mm
  • Twin pipe clamps: O.D 6 mm to O.D 42 mm