ACT Clamp|Anti corrosion technology pipe clamp

What is ACT Clamp?

ACT Clamp is known as Anti Corrosion Technology pipe clamp, it is designed for applications where corrosion resistant is required, especially for marine industries, ship building, offshore engineering, offshore oil and gas exploration and processing.

Younglee Pipe Clamp manufactures and supplies ACT clamps with full range of sizes and most popular materials. Our ACT clamps are with the same specifications as STAUFF ACT Clamps, and our quality is as good as Stauff.

ACT Pipe Clamp Series

Our factory produces ACT clamps in two main series as below.

  • ACT Standard Series
    Our ACT clamp standard series are with similar dimensions as DIN 3015-1; 
  • ACT Twin Series
    Our ACT clamp twin series are with similar dimensions as DIN 3015-3; 

Customers who interested, please contact us for ACT Clamp catalog. 

ACT Clamp Size Range

Our factory manufactures ACT Clamps for tubes and pipes with outer diameter between 6 mm to 42 mm.

ACT Clamp Materials

The parts of our ACT clamps are available with materials as below.

ACT Clamp body: Flame-retardant plastic PP-V0 plastic, tested under V0-classified according to UL94; also available with PA.

ACT Clamp mounting hardware including cover plate, base plate, bolts etc: Stainless steel 316 /316L, 316Ti

How ACT Clamps can anti corrosion?

There are integrated elastomer strips on the pipe clamp body,  the elastomer strips prevent the accumulation of salt water (or any other corrosive liquid) in the crevice between the tube clamp and metal tube (self-draining). Drainage channels aid the drainage of salt water (or any other corrosive liquid). Anti Corrosion Technology combats crevice corrosion on the tubes. ACT clamps are perfect for anti corrosion purpose when using together with our anti corrosion material pipes and tubes, such as our stainless steel hydraulic tubing and instrument tubing

Why Choose Us

  • Nearly 25 years’ experience in Pipe clamps, especially pipe clamps for marine industries, ship building etc.
  • With most popular and common specifications, our ACT clamps are with the same specifications as Stauff;
  • Our ACT Clamp has good interchangeability with Stauff ACT clamps
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Quick response and fast delivery time