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SAE flanges | Code 61 flange /code 62 flanges

SAE flanges / hydraulic SAE flanges are the main product of Younglee group’s factory also.  The products are made according to SAE J 518 C and ISO 6162-1/2, and they are for safe and leak-free flange connections. And now we are one of the first class quality SAE flanges manufacturer in China.

SAE flanges, hydraulic SAE flanges
Hydraulic SAE flanges

Our Product group of SAE Flange including:

All the above products of SAE flanges come in two main series:

  • 3000 psi standard pressure series designed according to standard ISO 6162-1, SAE 3000 flange is also known as code 61 flanges;
  • 6000 psi high pressure series designed according to standard ISO 6162-2, SAE 6000 flanges are also known as code 62 flanges;

SAE hydraulic flange Pressure rating and working pressure:

There are mainly two different pressure ratings for the SAE hydraulic flanges as below.

  • Standard pressure series SAE class 3000 flanges: pressure rating 3000 psi with working pressure between 35 bar to 350 bar.
  • High pressure series SAE class 6000 flanges: pressure rating 6000 psi with working pressure maximum 400 bar.

SAE Flange Size Range:

As the professional hydraulic SAE flange manufacturers, Younglee can manufacture and supply full size range of SAE 3000 flanges and SAE 6000 flanges.

  • For class 3000 psi standard pressure series: nominal sizes DN 13 (1/2″) – DN 127 (5″)
  • For class 6000 psi standard pressure series: nominal sizes DN 13 (1/2″) – DN 76(3″)

Materials of SAE code 61/ code 62 flanges:

  • Carbon steel SAE flanges
  • Stainless steel SAE flanges: 304, 316,  316L, 316Ti, or equivalent EN/DIN stainless steel grade 1.4301, 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4571; other grades of stainless steel SAE flanges are available on customers’ request. 

Main applications:

Younglee SAE Flanges are used as one of the most safe and leak free pipe and tube connectors, widely applied in various hydraulic systems in the following fields of industry:

  • Industrial Hydraulics
    • Injection Moulding Machinery
    • Aluminium Die-Casting Machinery
    • Sintering Machinery
    • Steel Mills
    • Hydraulic Presses
    • Paper Processing
  • Mobile Hydraulics

    • Building Machinery
    • Agricultural Machinery
    • Forestry Machinery
    • Lifting and Material Handling Equipment

As the first class China flange suppliers, we had supplied our products of SAE Flanges to many customers in China market and oversea markets, we had gained very good reputation in these markets.

Main advantages:

Younglee SAE Flanges / hydraulic SAE Flanges have below advantages:

  • High pressure resistance,  6000 psi SAE Flanges / code 62 flanges can be used under working pressure upto 400 bar(6000psi).
  • Precision dimensions
  • Low cost

Customers who are interested in China SAE Flanges please feel free to contact us for more details.

SAE Closed Flanges

SAE closed flanges are known as SAE blind flanges, there is no hole in the middle of the flange. SAE closed flanges are used to close and seal the pipe end.

SAE Closed Flanges

Main series:

  • 3000 psi standard pressure series according to ISO 6162-1
  • 6000 psi high pressure series according to ISO 6162-2

Both the above series of SAE closed flanges are conformed to SAE J518C.

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