Heavy Duty Pipe Clamps​​ as per DIN 3015-2 | Tube Clamps Photos Gallery

Heavy duty hydraulic pipe clamps are manufactured according to German standard DIN 3015 Part-2,  this heavy series of pipe clamps are designed as a construction unit for the installation of tubes, pipes, hoses and other flexible or rigid components. Heavy duty pipe clamps are known as heavy duty tube clamps or heavy duty hose clamps or heavy … Read more

Light Series Hydraulic Pipe Clamps | Tube Clamps Photos

Light duty hydraulic pipe clamps are known as light series hydraulic tube clamps, hydraulic hose clamps also, they are manufactured according to specification DIN 3015 Part-1. This series of hydraulic pipe clamps are designed as a construction unit for the installation of tubes, pipes, hoses and other flexible or rigid components, especially for low mechanical pressure and … Read more

What is DIN 3567 Steel Pipe Clamp?

Younglee supplies steel pipe clamps according to DIN 3567

Steel pipe clamps DIN3567 is a typical type of pipe clamps, which are used for tube, pipe installation and fastening in the fields of metallurgy, petor-chemical, Marine, Ship building, Electricity,Mining etc., this type of steel tube clamp is widely used in many industries, we recently supplied a large number of DIN3567 steel pipe clamps to the shipyard for the fixing and vibration reduction of the pipeline on the ships.

Steel Ppie Clamps according to DIN 3567
Steel pipe Clamps according to DIN 3567

Materials of DIN 3567 steel tube clamps

Carbon steels, 304 stainless steels, 316 stainless steel, 316Ti stainless steel  DIN 3567 pipe clamps are available.Compare galvanized carbon steel pipe clamps to stainless steel pipe clamps (304/316/316Ti), stainless steel pipe clamps have better anti-corrosion performance, so it is more commonly used in marine environment. For DIN 3567 carbon steel pipe clamps, usually the surface condition is galvanized (zinc coated) or hot dip galvanized (hot dip zinc), You can easily distinguish them by surface condition

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Stainless Steel Pipe Clamps Introduction

Stainless Steel Pipe Clamps | Stainless steel tube clamps | China factory supplier

Stainless steel pipe clamps are the main product lines of Younglee’s pipe clamp factory. In industries stainless steel pipe / tube clamps usually refers to different series of steel pipe clamps made in material of stainless steels. These series of pipe clamps are usually designed for  fastening tubes and pipes where the environment is under corrosion.

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Steel Tube Clamps Specifications

Steel pipe clamps are pipe clamps made of material stainless steel or carbon steel, mostly used to clamp the metal pipes and tubes to provide fastening and support for the pipes and tubes. When people install the tubes and pipes, normally they need certain types of pipe clamps.

Steel tube / pipe clamps some times are known as metal pipe clamps also. There are many different types of steel pipe clamps designed according to different standards. The most popular specifications of the steel tube clamps are German standards, such as:

There are two types of DIN 3567 steel pipe clamps, one is designed to DIN 3567 -A, which is known as the 2 bolts flat steel pipe clamps; and the other is designed to DIN 3567-B, which is known as the 3 bolts steel pipe clamps.

Here below is the specifications (data sheet) of DIN 3567-A steel pipe clamps and DIN 3567-B steel pipe clamps.

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